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Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy 2

Sold by Frank Degenaar
Both beginners and power users are reshaping the way they use WorkFlowy with the productivity workflows and dynamics that I walk you through in my book. There is so much more to this deceptively minimalist tool than meets the eye. It all depends what you have to bring to the table - and that's where my book  comes in. Here's what one user had to say after working through my book:

"As a die-hard user, I thought I knew everything there was to know about WorkFlowy. Frank Degenaar's book showed me that I wasn't even scratching the surface. This is a gem of a book brimming with helpful explanations, tips, and actual code snippets that will inform, enrich and delight every WorkFlowy user, from beginners to WorkFlowy ninjas."

When the WorkFlowy co-founders, Mike and Jesse, picked up my book, they immediately asked me if I would blog for them... You'll see my some of my handiwork there weekly.