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Notebook 2 - Atlanta, May 2015 course notes

Sold by Steve Galloway
Notebook 2 of 6 for the Qi Gong Syllabus program run by Steve Galloway in Atlanta. Notebook 2 features essays about Daoist creation theory, background to the development of the internal arts including an authoritative 60 page e-book, diagrams of the Yin meridians, and other material including warm up exercises and video aide memoires. The practical material for this event which was held in Gainesville GA featured the first four moves of Ji Ben Qi Gong. Illustrated workflows demonstrating the entire set of 8 exercises which was compiled by students in class is featured in Notebook 3.

Notebooks for this two year program in Atlanta are managed with Evernote which runs on Android/Mac/Windows platforms. No software is required for web based access. The notebooks will operate with free versions of Evernote desktop, mobile, and web-based browser access. Comprehensive guidance notes are provided on the landing page provided on verified purchase.

image - "hungry ghosts" - a Buddhist and Daoist tradition of undesirable eventuality for those who tread unfortunate paths