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Notebook 3 - Ontario, February 2016 course notes

Sold by Steve Galloway
Notebook 4 features articles about the Houses of Daoism, the congenital (or pre natal) meridians, and the dan tien model subscribed to for the purposes of this course. Complimentary e-books include Chuang Tzu, and Tales of the Daoist Immortals. Lastly, the notebook includes video demonstrations and associated material including warmup routines and LNG's Nei Gong syllabus.

Notebooks for this two year program in ontario are managed with Evernote which runs on Android/Mac/Windows platforms. No software is required for web based access. The notebooks will operate with free versions of Evernote desktop, mobile, and web-based browser access. Comprehensive guidance notes are provided on the landing page provided on verified purchase.

image - Zhang Daoling, a Han Dynasty contemporary credited with the formation of the Celestial Masters sect of Daoism