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Simple RACI Matrix Template

Sold by Yasaf Burshan
Practical RACI Matrix. Great for project managers, process owners, and members of any change management authorization process.
Keep track of stakeholders involved in the process and their roles.

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How to use:
  1. Rename the note from RACI Matrix Template to match the process name, for example:
    RACI Matrix: IT Service Delivery
  2. Replace the default contact names with your own
  3. Add as many rows as needed
  4. Optionally you can create a Table of Content in Evernote for all your RACI Matrices.
  5. Mobile friendly – view and modify on any device with Evernote Installed
  6. Great for small projects with small number of processes to manage.
    If you are looking for a comprehensive matrix for medium-large scale projects, please check this detailed RACI Matrix Template.

Purchase once, use without limitation. You can duplicate as many times as you need, without restrictions.
You are not allowed to resell, or forward this note to other users. Sharing for collaboration purposes is permitted. 
Future updates also included.